BancVue’s Kasasa

Kasasa is BancVue’s flagship product, and most of my marketing visual design efforts focused on it. Following are a variety of different designs I created while at BancVue.





The Beer Diaries

For 3 months in 2013 I got to work a dream contract for The Beer Diaries internet TV series covering craft beer. I got to use my various skills in illustration, design and animation, and it was awesome.

Here is a lower third title I designed and animated. The director wanted the appearance that the subject’s name was being quickly spraypainted through a stencil, with a slowly-rotating grid globe within the show’s logo.

Here are some designs I did for the Brewery Explorer app:

Here are some illustrations and design I did for the spinoff series The Beer Diaries – World Tour:
beerDiaries-world tour-logo-pieces

Verizon Mobile Animated Ads

These ads were designed to play on a cellphone in the Verizon retail store.

Bored to Death Key Art

These are some concept boards I drew for an agency competing to produce the key art for the second season of HBO’s Bored to Death. I delivered 100% vector files, so that they could easily be scaled for any size, print or digital presentation.

McDonald’s Commercial Storyboards

Mobile App Icons

Here are some beer glass icons I designed for a forthcoming mobile app.

Four Kitchens screen print

Four Kitchens commissioned me to create these two custom screen prints for them, as gifts to their employees for having worked there one or two years. After a litte back and forth with them it became apparent that their employees all had in common a love for tacos and robots, so I quickly decided that’s what the image should be about.

They created this wonderful blog post showing the process of this image’s voyage from idea to finished product, which I highly recommend because it’s cool.

Awesome Foundation Cards

Phillip Morris

Here are some flash modules I made while working on the Phillip Morris site for Razorfish.

US Cellular

Here are two sets of animations I did for U.S. Cellular. They were designed to be shown on vertically-oriented flat screens in the windows of U.S. Cellular’s retail spaces.