The Beer Diaries

For 3 months in 2013 I got to work a dream contract for The Beer Diaries internet TV series covering craft beer. I got to use my various skills in illustration, design and animation, and it was awesome.

Here is a lower third title I designed and animated. The director wanted the appearance that the subject’s name was being quickly spraypainted through a stencil, with a slowly-rotating grid globe within the show’s logo.

Here are some designs I did for the Brewery Explorer app:

Here are some illustrations and design I did for the spinoff series The Beer Diaries – World Tour:
beerDiaries-world tour-logo-pieces

Verizon Mobile Animated Ads

These ads were designed to play on a cellphone in the Verizon retail store.

Bored to Death Key Art

These are some concept boards I drew for an agency competing to produce the key art for the second season of HBO’s Bored to Death. I delivered 100% vector files, so that they could easily be scaled for any size, print or digital presentation.

McDonald’s Commercial Storyboards

Mobile App Icons

Here are some beer glass icons I designed for a forthcoming mobile app.

Awesome Foundation Cards

Phillip Morris

Here are some flash modules I made while working on the Phillip Morris site for Razorfish.

US Cellular

Here are two sets of animations I did for U.S. Cellular. They were designed to be shown on vertically-oriented flat screens in the windows of U.S. Cellular’s retail spaces.

3D reel

olivet totebag designs