BancVue’s Kasasa

Kasasa is BancVue’s flagship product, and most of my marketing visual design efforts focused on it. Following are a variety of different designs I created while at BancVue.





The Beer Diaries

For 3 months in 2013 I got to work a dream contract for The Beer Diaries internet TV series covering craft beer. I got to use my various skills in illustration, design and animation, and it was awesome.

Here is a lower third title I designed and animated. The director wanted the appearance that the subject’s name was being quickly spraypainted through a stencil, with a slowly-rotating grid globe within the show’s logo.

Here are some designs I did for the Brewery Explorer app:

Here are some illustrations and design I did for the spinoff series The Beer Diaries – World Tour:
beerDiaries-world tour-logo-pieces

Bored to Death Key Art

These are some concept boards I drew for an agency competing to produce the key art for the second season of HBO’s Bored to Death. I delivered 100% vector files, so that they could easily be scaled for any size, print or digital presentation.

McDonald’s Commercial Storyboards

Mobile App Icons

Here are some beer glass icons I designed for a forthcoming mobile app.

time bum

Visit Trip City to follow the non-adventures of a homeless gentleman traveling through the ages to avoid responsibility. Experience single-panel, panoramic, hobo-sci-fi comix as never before! Written by Jef UK. Art by Paul Ahern.

twisty ties

This is a music video I wrote and animated using Flash and AfterEffects for a song by Austin band Hunter Cross and the Strays.

olivet totebag designs

olivet fabric designs

Olivet needed a lot of new ideas for fabric designs for a line of boys’ backpacks, to be sold at Target. I was hired to come up with as many ideas as I could in a short amount of time, and these are some of the results. All of these were delivered 100% vector Illustrator files.

Room Creator for Mod Green Pod

As part of a complete site design, Room Creator was an interactive Flash component I designed to allow my client’s customers to drag textile design swatches to parts of an imaginary room.

The Room Creator was wildly successful and drove sales for Mod Green Pod higher than ever before.

The next three images illustrate the drag-and-drop functionality mentioned above.

Mod Green Pod action image 1

Mod Green Pod action image 2

Mod Green Pod action image 3